Nonprofit Organization and Foundation Advisory Services

In Rem Solutions helps donors develop innovative and strategic approaches to philanthropy.

We serve corporate, family and independent foundations as consultants and/or on an ongoing basis as their administrative, financial, and grant making staff. Our experienced partners assist foundation trustees to work efficiently, articulate their priorities, and enjoy the rewards of a philanthropic legacy that works with others to make a better world. In Rem Solutions supports effective foundation governance, operation, and mission and strategy development. We provide the experience and capacity to help foundations at every stage of their philanthropic journey. We offer:

  • Strategic planning and facilitation
  • Research on social issues
  • Program development, implementation, and evaluation

Service Categories:


  • Administration – general
  • Board governance and training – customized assistance
  • By-law and policy development
  • Speech writing
  • Family consulting
  • Foundation administration
  • Linkages with foundation resources
  • Mission & giving strategy
  • Training in foundation operations
  • Consultation on website design
  • Coordination of board meetings and workshops
  • Grant submission review, selection, evaluation and award management
  • Consultation on community nonprofit organizations in the areas of interest to the family foundation

In Rem Solutions provides consulting services for both new organizations and those with a long history of operations and service delivery.

New Organizations
Establishing a successful nonprofit organization or public or private foundation can be challenging, especially when it comes to critical issues like mission and governance. The policies you establish in these areas have a significant impact not only on how you operate but also on how you pursue your goals.

Our consultants can advise you on other big-picture issues. We collaborate with you to develop and implement the best practices that will govern your organization and keep it running smoothly. Often, this involves the education and training of staff, the development of a strategic plan and policies, and the implementation of the program.

Established Organizations
In Rem Solutions assists your organization in refining and identifying new approaches to achieving your mission by:


  • Sharpening your organization’s focus and operations
  • Researching and implementing expanded funding opportunities
  • Assisting with the development of collaborations with other community organizations to maximize opportunities for greater impact and expanded funding and resources.

Our team has the experience and background to help you manage your organization efficiently and comply with today’s ever-changing legal regulations. We can guide you to best practices in organizational structure, board and leadership development, grants management, governance and meeting management.

Foundations – Refining Your Philanthropic Mission
Organizations adopt different philanthropic “styles”, all of which provide an invaluable service to the community. Some of these include:

  • Checkbook Philanthropy: An important approach that provides immediate and crucial support to the nonprofit sector
  • Responsive Philanthropy: Supports needs and priorities as they emerge and evolve in a community
  • Venture Philanthropy: Builds capacity for growth and sustainability
  • Results-Based Philanthropy: Solves social problems by addressing root causes, evaluating outcomes and adjusting future giving based on new knowledge
  • Collaborative Philanthropy: Maximizes resources, develops shared solutions and builds community capacity and knowledge

In Rem Solutions provides support to all approaches and functions. Our mission is to help you achieve your mission!

Foundation & Nonprofit Consulting Services

communityScope of Work
In Rem Solutions assists clients with:

  • Creating signature programs
  • Conducting strategic planning
  • Evaluating programs you funded
  • Training staff, trustees or board members
  • Training new Board of Director members
  • Developing a foundation philanthropy structure
  • Assessing grantee perceptions about your organization
  • Coordinating and assisting with drafting grant application forms
  • Conducting grantee research and screening of funding proposals
  • Assisting with grant administration services as requested by client
  • Providing technical assistance on the administration of new grants
  • Start-up activities, including selecting appropriate philanthropic vehicle(s)
  • Developing mission, funding guidelines, governance and management processes and documents
  • Preparing written materials, such as requests for proposals, brochures, annual reports and reports to the community
  • Delivering presentations, advocating on behalf of client and coordinating with funding partners or collaborators
  • Drafting articles, by-laws, policies, giving guidelines, eligibility criteria, application, project assessment and evaluation documents

public-artPast Projects for Clients have included

  • Drafting Mission Statements
  • Drafting Strategic Plans
  • Board Trainings
  • Grant consultation and administration
  • Drafting articles and by-laws
  • Drafting Strategic Plans
  • Teaching Effective Governance
  • Setting up new nonprofits, endowments and foundations

public-art2Providing policies for:

  • Grants and Loans
  • International Giving
  • Communications
  • Employee Donation programs
  • Foundation Initiatives
  • Advisory Boards
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Charitable Donations
  • Grant Review Policies
  • Personnel
  • Site Visits

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