Charter School Consulting Services

Scope of Services

Our approach to educational planning services is collaborative and open and will involve your leadership team as well as the various community stakeholders who will want to be involved in the process. We will work with and in support of the project leadership on all aspects of the project. The scope of services during the planning and charter application period will generally consist of the following:

charterPreparing Charter School Applications

  • Inform client of requirements of charter applications
  • Inform client of charter deadlines
  • Identify information needed for charter applications
  • Coordinate the collection of data and documents for charter applications
  • Coordinate with the principal and teachers regarding curriculum materials
  • Write and file charter applications in coordination with client
  • Write and file additional documents required in coordination with charter application
  • Complete budgets as required for application
  • Submit Charter Application
  • Prepare Client for School Board Presentation

serviceServices for Existing Charter School Clients

  • Preparation of grant applications for educational programs, transportation services and dissemination programs
  • Preparation of charter application documents for school expansions
  • Preparation of charter application appeal documents
  • Preparation of video scripts
  • Completion of white papers for presentations
  • Completion of award applications for charter school programs

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