EDA funding August 2019

 Federal Agency Name: Economic Development Administration (EDA or the Agency), U.S.
Department of Commerce (DOC).

 Federal Funding Opportunity Title: FY 2019 EDA Disaster Supplemental Notice of
Funding Opportunity (NOFO) (Disaster Supplemental NOFO).

 Announcement Type and Date: Disaster Supplemental NOFO announcement publishing EDA’s application submission requirements and review procedures for the review of applications received under EDA’s Economic Adjustment Assistance (EAA) disaster recovery program, as authorized by Sections 209 and 703 of the Public Works and Economic Development Act of 1965, as amended (42 U.S.C. § 3121 et seq.) (PWEDA). Effective date: August 13, 2019.

 Funding Opportunity Number: EDA-2019-DISASTER

 Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) Number: 11.307, Economic Adjustment Assistance

 Dates: There are no submission deadlines. Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis until the publication of a new Disaster Supplemental NOFO, cancellation of this Disaster Supplemental NOFO or all available funds have been expended. EDA intends to review applications within 60 days of receipt. See Section E of this Disaster Supplemental NOFO regarding EDA’s review process.

 Eligible Applicants: Under its EAA program, EDA is not authorized to provide grants or cooperative agreements to individuals or to for-profit entities. Requests from such entities will not be considered for funding. Pursuant to Section 3(4) of PWEDA (42 U.S.C. §
3122(4)(a)) and 13 C.F.R. § 300.3 (Eligible Recipient), eligible applicants under the EAA program include a(n): (i) District Organization of an EDA-designated Economic
Development District (EDD); (ii) Indian Tribe or a consortium of Indian Tribes; (iii) State, county, city, or other political subdivision of a State, including a special purpose unit of a State or local government engaged in economic or infrastructure development activities, or a
consortium of political subdivisions; (iv) institution of higher education or a consortium of institutions of higher education; or (v) public or private non-profit organization or association acting in cooperation with officials of a political subdivision of a State.

 Funding Opportunity Description: EDA announces general policies and application procedures for the Disaster Supplemental NOFO. Subject to the availability of funds, this investment assistance will help communities and regions devise and implement long-term economic recovery strategies through a variety of non-construction and construction projects, as appropriate, to address economic challenges in areas where a Presidential declaration of a major disaster was issued under the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act (42 U.S.C. § 5121 et seq.) (Stafford Act) “as a result of Hurricanes Florence,
Michael, and Lane, Typhoons Yutu and Mangkhut, and of wildfires, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and other natural disasters occurring in calendar year 2018, and tornadoes and floods occurring in calendar year 2019….”